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November 17, 6:00-8:00PM ((Networking 5:30-6:00 and 8:00-8:30) IN PERSON MEETING
Come and Learn: Learn how to have your product inventions manufactured in Asia. Experienced Asian manufacturing sourcing pro, Larry Mahoney, will present and share what you need to know and what you need to have to be successful.
Key subjects will include:
  • HOW China’s Culture/History Can Guide Your Sourcing Strategies
  • WHY China Versus Vietnam Versus Other Asian Countries
  • HOW to Identify the Right Asian Manufacturer and Evaluate Costs/Risk
  • WHAT You Need to Get Quotes
  • HOW to Monitor Production / Manage Quality
  • WHAT to Do if the Products Don’t Meet Specs
  • HOW to Manage Shipping and Logistics Costs from Asia

Your Board Can Help You

Here at Inventor's Network
we take pride in the concept of
helping our members network with each other
and we strive to create networking possibilities
in the Inventor sphere.

Networking can be described as
the gathering of individuals
for the purpose of sharing ideas,
concepts, experiences and advice
as well as it being a mechanism
to find answers to questions within the subject,
in our case "Inventing."
Your Board of Directors
encourages you to

seek connections within our organization
to learn as well as share.
Our board is available to answer your questions and
you can contact them by
clicking on their name below.

Below are their areas of expertise.
For general information, to inquire to be a speaker,
or to join, email us at

Steve Lyon, Board President:
Taking products to Market/Licensing
Avoiding mistakes/Navigating problems
How Inventors Network can help
Mike DuMond, Vice President

Selling Your Invention:
HOW is it DIFFERENT than the Competitors?
        WHY Will Customers Buy It?
HOW Will You Sell It?
WHO Will Sell it?

Eliot Evans, Board Member/Secretary

Creating Prototypes
Manufacturing and Design Strategies
Product Assembly

Bill Berggren Esq., Board Member/Treasurer
Protect the Intellectual Property of your invention
Applying for Patent Protection
Obtaining  Trademark Protection 
Will sign NDA’s for confidentiality
Jahn Stopperan, Board Member/Membership
Creating Business Plans and Go-To-Market Strategies
Sales and Distribution Channels
Starting a Business Around Your Invention
How to Get Momentum Going with Your Invention
Marj Weir, Board Member
Good Design Matters - Survey your customer
Prototyping and Steps to Production  
Materials & Manufacturability
Selling Consumer Products online using Keywords
Fred Sklenar IDSA, Board Member/website
Design for Manufacture (DFM)
Ideation and style Design
Going from idea to consumer 
Manufacturing Process Selection and Sourcing
Mechanical & Electrical Engineering 

Upcoming Programs

NOVEMBER 17: Sourcing Product Manufacturing in China & Asia from Import Expert Larry Mahoney

December 15th, 2021 -6PM: TBD
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