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  Keynote Speaker: Gus Brieland, Senior Technical Sales Engineer at Proto Labs
  Keynote will be followed by our round table session where people can network with industry experts on subjects such as:
COME AND LEARN:  New Trends and WHAT’S NEXT in Prototyping using 3D Printing, Injection Molding and CNC Cutting/Stamping.  AND LOW-VOLUME PRODUCTION technologies. The speaker, Gus Breiland, is a Sr. Technical Sales Engineer at Protolabs – one of the premier digital manufacturing companies in the world today.
Gus will be sharing exciting information for inventors on both prototyping and producing low-volume production quantities materials ranging from rigid plastics, thermoplastics, metals, and flexible elastomer plastics (such as silicone).
  1. Injection Molding for Prototypes
  2. 3D-printed components from Direct Metal Laser Sintering to Multi-Jet Fusion
  3. Injection Molding for Low-volume Production Parts & On-Demand Production
  4. Prototype end-use Injection-Molded Plastic Parts
  5. Sheet Metal Components & Sheet Metal Design
  6. CNC Machined Prototype and Production Parts
SPEAKER:  Gus Breiland background includes over 20 years of engineering/industrial design experience, including 14 years at Protolabs.
While his formal education is in industrial machinery operations, he has extensive knowledge and experience in both traditional and advanced manufacturing processes and materials. Throughout his tenure at Protolabs, Breiland has worked with countless designers, engineers and product developers to improve the manufacturability of their parts.
Earlier this month, my development team and I held a google video conference with Marc and Brian. The meeting was both enlightening and informative but most of all Marc, who did most of the discussion from their side, did an interesting summary at the end of the call.  These are some notes that may be helpful for members of the Inventor’s Network who are planning to present to Marc and Brian on November 20th.
These suggestions are merely observational take aways and in no means meant to sway any presenter from speaking or sharing about their invention in any way that best suits them, their invention or their own personal communication style.
Bunch of Balloons inventor Josh Malone was our speaker in November.  At that time we did a screening of the movie "Invalidated" that highlights his story.  This movie can also be viewed on Amazon Prime and Netflix.   Josh was just awarded 29 million in his patent infringement suit.  See link below for more information.
Go to this link to learn about Josh's organization, US Inventors, and to sign the Inventors Rights petition 
We appreciate you visiting and hope you enjoy the experience.  Whether you are already a member or just want to learn more about IN this is a great place to start.  
To learn more, please review the about us page along with speaker (both past and upcoming) information.  Please also note the time and location of our next meeting, which take place in the evening on the third Wednesday of each month.  
Attending a meeting(s) is by far the best way to learn more about IN and if we are a fit for you.  Our hope is you will find the speaker, program elements and the overall club / network experience to be a place where you can learn more about inventing, connect with others and learn some best practices for success. 

Upcoming Programs
Look for new inventors spotlight roundtables at our next meeting where individual inventors have the opportunity to share their inventions. Click here if you are interested in presenting your own. 
February 19 (6PM):  Prototyping: Beyond 3D Printing (Tony Holtz)
March 18th:  Deep Dive on Marc Portney’s Inventors Pitch and How to Win in 2020
(Steve Lyon & Jahn Stopperan)
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