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COME AND LEARN: Andrea Hence Evans, a former US Patent Examiner and a former US Trademark Examining Attorney for the United States Patent and Trademark Office, will share WHAT inventors need to know about Intellectual Property rights.
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• How and Why to Apply for a PROVISIONAL PATENT
• How PATENTS are Reviewed and Evaluated
• How TRADEMARKS are Reviewed and Evaluated
• Why and When to use Copyrights
• What 3 Things every Inventor must know about Maintaining INTELECTUAL PROPERTY

Rita Compton, a retail product sales expert, with multiple-years direct experience working with Inventors and helping them sell and/or license their products to Retailers and Marketers, will share with you how to increase your chances of success in selling your product. She will use the upcoming National Hardware Show as an example of how to reach and sell to potential buyers and licensors.

May 20th, Webinar
Andrea Poss
Andrea Pass, a highly successful PR expert, skilled in building brand and product awareness; and Brian Scanlon, a serial business founder, with a real track record leveraging affordable Social Media, will show Entrepreneurs and Inventor/Startups how to use PR and Social media to kickstart and grow their product sales and brand/product awareness.
PROGRAM:  Question/Answer Presentation, answering questions you can enter live during the Zoom Webinar.

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Presenter:  Jahn Stopperan
Location:  Remote Access
The recent additional time at home is an excellent time to prepare for approaching licensee candidates with your invention when things pick back up.  However, many inventors need assistance in the first couple steps in this process.
This webinar presents a simple and no-cost process to initiate contact with manufacturers that may be interested in your product.  Grab a pen and take notes – we’ll be covering several hands-on and practical techniques that can help you get going.
In his best-selling book about licensing inventions, One Simple Idea. One Simple Idea, Stephen Key has helped thousands license their product ideas. Forget the patents, forget the prototypes, forget starting a business. Sell the benefit first instead! Today it's all about selling first and selling fast. His roadmap for licensing success is now being taught in major universities.
Become a Professional Inventor is the follow-up to his first book. Check out Teresa Heupel's book report below for some inspiring and motivational ideas.
I had the opportunity to interview Larry Mahoney as he was designated to speak at Inventors Network this week, though this meeting is postponed. We had a few minutes to catch up on "all things China" that he will be speaking further on in April. I hope you can join us then - either in person or online - and that we will be back with in person meetings! From today's news (March 16, 2020) it looks quite possible we will just have to have a longer online interview.
By Marj Weir, Inventor of
Due to the recent coronavirus (COVID-19) developments, Inventors Network will NOT be meeting this month. Larry Mahoney will present at the next hosted meeting (stay tuned). 
The Marc Portney re-cap meeting will also be moved to a to-be-determined future month. 
Come and Learn: Larry Mahoney, a China manufacturing/sourcing expert with three decades of experience sourcing and managing client manufacturing in China and Asia, will discuss the impact of the Coronavirus on both China and other Asian manufacturing centers. He will also present sourcing fundamentals every inventor and entrepreneur needs before choosing a manufacturer in China, and throughout Asia.
Earlier this month, my development team and I held a google video conference with Marc and Brian. The meeting was both enlightening and informative but most of all Marc, who did most of the discussion from their side, did an interesting summary at the end of the call.  These are some notes that may be helpful for members of the Inventor’s Network who are planning to present to Marc and Brian on November 20th.
These suggestions are merely observational take aways and in no means meant to sway any presenter from speaking or sharing about their invention in any way that best suits them, their invention or their own personal communication style.
Bunch of Balloons inventor Josh Malone was our speaker in November.  At that time we did a screening of the movie "Invalidated" that highlights his story.  This movie can also be viewed on Amazon Prime and Netflix.   Josh was just awarded 29 million in his patent infringement suit.  See link below for more information.
Go to this link to learn about Josh's organization, US Inventors, and to sign the Inventors Rights petition 
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Attending a meeting(s) is by far the best way to learn more about IN and if we are a fit for you.  Our hope is you will find the speaker, program elements and the overall club / network experience to be a place where you can learn more about inventing, connect with others and learn some best practices for success. 

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Look for new inventors spotlight roundtables at our next meeting where individual inventors have the opportunity to share their inventions. Click here if you are interested in presenting your own. 
July 15 | IP Rights- Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights By Andrea Hance Evans
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