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The Inventors Network: Dedicated to bringing inventors together and sharing resources.
Join Our Small Group Inventors Workshops 6 PM on May 15th 
In 2024 we are Focused on: 
1) HELPING you get YOUR inventions developed faster
  • Join our 2024 Small Group Workshop to Get UNSTUCK: Get ideas and resources to move your invention ahead!

2) Exploring how to use electronics, A.I, and other technologies
  • Learn How you can use new technologies in creating and marketing your inventions! 

1. Speaker Jeff Griffith will show you HOW TO CREATE EASY BRANDING FOR YOURSELF:
  1. Learn simple branding techniques and the importance of consistency in all your messaging.
  2. Make your Product Invention more memorable in Presentations, Prospect Mailings and Promotional Material.
  3. Find out how to create Your Own Impactful Printed Materials like Brochures and Product Information Sheets. 
  4. Create Promotional Merchandise like Binders, Calendars, Coffee Mugs, Golf Balls, Beverage Can Holders and Clothing in AFFORDABLE MINIMUM QUANTITIES!
  5. Learn about Printers who can Produce Custom Prototype Packages for your Product Presentations.
  6. Get examples of Local and National Printers and Suppliers that are easy to work with.
Speaker Background:
Jeff Griffith is a veteran Creative Director with 30+ years of experience in Advertising, Publishing, Design and Branding in Honolulu, Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco, Minneapolis and 26 years in New York City. A lifelong history buff, Jeff also produces/directs extensive multimedia campaigns to save historic battlefields around the country, to honor Gold Star Families and works with the 62 living Medal of Honor Recipients. 
His father and brother are both inventors with numerous patents in office moving equipment, voting booths and medical / nuclear waste compaction!
  1. Identify your biggest roadblocks in Developing and Marketing your Invention!  
  2. Get Help finding Resources, Experts and the Steps you need to move your Invention closer to Market.
  3. Ask your Questions and Get Answers from fellow inventors and resident Experts.
In these Workshop Groups, we will break Inventors into Small Teams, working together to help each member develop new possibilities to overcome challenges and find resources to advance their invention.  We are committed to help each inventor leave with at least one Next Step to building their invention!


Your Board Can Help You

Here at Inventor's Network we take pride in the concept of helping our members network with each other and we strive to create networking possibilities in the Inventor sphere.
Networking can be described as the gathering of individuals for the purpose of sharing ideas, concepts, experiences and advice as well as it being a mechanism to find answers to questions within the subject, in our case "Inventing."
Your Board of Directors encourages you to  seek connections within our organization to learn as well as share.


For general information, to inquire to be a speaker, or to join, email us at
Our board is available to answer your questions. You can contact them by clicking on their names below.

Jahn Stopperan, President
Creating Business Plans & Go-To-Market Strategies.
Sales & Distribution Channels.
Starting a Business Around Your Invention.
How to Get Momentum Going with Your Invention.
Steve Lyon, Past President
Taking products to market/licensing.
Avoiding mistakes & navigating problems.
How Inventors Network can help.

Mike DuMond, Vice President
Selling Your Invention:
HOW is it DIFFERENT than the Competitors?
        WHY Will Customers Buy It?
HOW Will You Sell It?
WHO Will Sell it?
Bill Berggren Esq., Treasurer
Protect the Intellectual Property of your invention.
Applying for Patent Protection.
Obtaining  Trademark Protection.
Provide NDAs for discussions outside of meetings.
Doug Lenz, Website Manager & Membership Secretary
Electromechanical Engineering & Design.
Manufacturing & Automation.
Entrepreneurship & Business Development.
Chris Polster, Secretary
Strategic business planning.
Strategic finance.
Digital marketing & networking.
Jim Smith, Board Member
Strategic business planning.
Upcoming Programs

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HOPKINS Community Center

Upcoming Meetings:   
  • June 19th  (2024)
How and When to Use Patents and Trademarks for your Inventions.
  • July 17th  (2024)
How and When to Use Patents and Trademarks for your Inventions.
  • August 21s (2024)
Map to Meeting Location
Meetings are third Wednesday of each month starting at 6:00PM.
1001 HWY 7, Eisenhower Community Center (Just West of HWY 169), Hopkins MN 55305
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Present Your Invention
Would you like to present your invention at our monthly meeting?  Every month we offer our members 5-minute slots for them to present their invention to the group anyway they see fit.  We do suggest your idea be patented or patent pending first and you have discussed this with an attorney.  For more details click here.