What is the Inventors Network?

The Inventors Network is a voluntary membership organization composed of individuals wishing to encourage the development of new ideas and to promote the spirit of innovation through the seeking and sharing of information.  Inventors Network is accomplishing this goal by focusing the individual and collective experience and expertise of its members, and others, to assist inventors and innovators through the process of bringing their ideas to use, either through commercialization or noncommercial dedication to public betterment.  The organization concentrates on providing information which will minimize the investments of time, expense, and frustration inventors often experience in developing their ideas. The association has established and operates regular and occasional, meetings, programs, workshops, displays, seminars, counseling and other educational activities.  The organization acquires and makes available reference materials and informational resources which will aid in the innovation process. The group provides a forum where persons and companies can meet and interact.  It allies with groups who have similar interests.

All of our activities support the advancement of economic activity and the well being of society.  As a matter of policy, the Inventors Network does not endorse, qualify, or make any representations concerning the business practices of any member, speaker, visitor or guest of the Inventors Network.