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Presenter:  Jahn Stopperan
Location:  Remote Access
The recent additional time at home is an excellent time to prepare for approaching licensee candidates with your invention when things pick back up.  However, many inventors need assistance in the first couple steps in this process.
This webinar presents a simple and no-cost process to initiate contact with manufacturers that may be interested in your product.  Grab a pen and take notes – we’ll be covering several hands-on and practical techniques that can help you get going.
  • Finding candidates using a free research tool available through the public library.
    • We will walk through step-by-step techniques for you to learn and follow-along to do it yourself.
  • Preparing and writing an introductory letter.
    • Writing in a manner that will get the candidate’s attention.
    • What to include and what not to include.
    • Remembering the purpose of the letter.
I have utilized these techniques many times in my career and am pleased to share what I have learned.