June 20, 2018 Meeting
Warren Tuttle is dedicated to connecting independent inventors with large corporations. He works to identify and evaluate innovation for a large consumer product company and as President of the United Inventors Association (http://www.uiausa.org/about-the-uia). He speaks regularly around the country on licensing and open innovation opportunities at inventor clubs, industry trade shows, and also has spoken at United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) events.
  1. How to increase the chances of licensing your invention
  2. How to “Present” your idea to companies and Licensees
  3. Smart ways to meet prospective Licensees
  4. How to work with those that run open innovation programs, like him
  5. How you can attend and present at Trade Shows such as the National Hardware Show
  6. Other product launch opportunities such as Quirky, Grommet, Crowdfunding, and Using a Booth at Trade Shows

SPEAKER BACKGROUND: Warren understands RETAIL. He has experience as a Retail Buyer and as Owner of a successful Retail Store. AND more than 10 Years of Licensing experience working with Inventors and serving as an open innovation program opperator for major Marketers/Manufacturers.

Warren has helped multiple inventors commercialize their ideas and has been instrumental in several MAJOR product invention successes, such as:
  1. SMART SPIN FOOD STORAGE product sensation with over 10 Million Units sold to date. Smart Spin remains one of the best-selling housewares products of all time.
  2. MISTO GOURMET OLIVE OIL SPRAYER, which has sold over 7 million units around the world to date.
  3. TOSS N TURN PAN, one of the best-selling cookware fry-pans for several years.

Warren continuously looks for Inventions/Inventors that he can match with major Housewares brands/companies such as: