The Inventors School 2023: How to Create, Develop and Pursue a Licensable Product Idea.

March 7th
Learn more about Licensing your product ideas:
JOIN US and learn Licensing from Warren Tuttle - a nationally recognized Licensing expert who will show you ways YOU can license your product idea.
Warren will also teach you about an amazing new online tool - called MARKETBLAST - that will allow you as an inventor to find and reach companies that are actively interested in licensing new, unique & innovative products.
Learn new expert tips and ways to license your product ideas.
Learn how the MarketBlast online website can help you connect with over 20,000 companies interested in licensing product ideas from outside inventors like you.
Also, learn about how Marketblast allows you to submit ideas to companies that are currently actively looking for outside product ideas.
Open Q&A:
Immediately after his presentation, Warren will open the floor to all inventors to answer questions about licensing their product ideas
Warren will also join us intermittently via Zoom at future meetings this year to share ideas and answer your questions as we are all developing our product ideas for licensing
About Warren Tuttle:
Mr. Tuttle is dedicated to connecting independent inventors with large corporations.
He oversees the Open Innovation program for Housewares and Tabletop market leader Lifetime Brands Corporation.
Warren serves on the boards of the National Pro Bono Patent Advisory Council and the USPTO’s Council for Innovation Inclusion;
and regularly speaks around the country on licensing and open innovation opportunities at inventor clubs, industry trade shows, and also has spoken at United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) events.

Warren is the author of Inventor Confidential: The Honest Guide to Profitable Inventing (Harper Collins: and serves on multiple non-profit national organization boards representing and advocating for the grass roots innovation community.

Every Month Jahn Stopperan, our Lead Developer, will present an update on the “CLUB INVENTION” that we are developing.
We will share the progress with club members each month throughout the year.
Our goal for the year is to share with you how we:
  • Evaluate and Prioritize our selected new product invention idea
  • Develop a finished functional PRODUCT DESIGN
  • Build a final product prototype that fully demonstrates PROOF OF CONCEPT
  • Prepare all necessary patent application documents and apply to the USPTO to secure a PROVISIONAL PATENT
  • Prepare all documentation, sales materials, presentation materials and prototypes necessary for presentations to prospective licensees
  • Secure a finalized licensing agreement
Join us each month on our new product development and licensing journey to learn, hone and license product inventions!
Note – Last month we presented a “FOUR-STEP DECISION PROCESS” to help all inventors increase their success by evaluating and prioritizing each invention, before they commit to developing it.
We will refer to this throughout the year.
1. How big is the market?
2. What problem does your product solve?
3. How much will it cost to manufacture and sell it?
4. Should you consider Licensing your product idea?
WHEN: Tuesday, MAR 7TH:
TIME: 6:00PM-8:00PM (Networking 5:30-6:00 and 8:00-8:30)
WHERE: 1001 HWY 7, Eisenhower Community Center (Just West of HWY 169), Hopkins MN 55305

COST: Guests ($15.00) / Members FREE ($80.00 Annual Membership). Pay at Check-In with Cash/Credit Card.
About Inventors Network: Inventors Network is committed to the Minnesota Inventor Community with; Guidance, Resources and Networking.
Monthly meetings (Most on 3rd Wednesday) include: Speaker/Topic of Interest with Q&A; Informational Roundtables on Manufacturing/3D-Printing/Prototyping/Legal/Marketing and Licensing.
Future months will return to the THIRD WED OF EACH MONTH
APR 19th:Wed- HOW to Make your Invention More Patentable
MAY 17th: Wed- BUILDING Your Products P&L for Licensing
JUN 21st: Wed- TBD