Join Our Small Group Inventors Workshops 6 PM on FEB 21st  
In 2024 we are Focused on: 
1) HELPING you get YOUR inventions developed faster
  • Join our 2024 Small Group Workshop to Get UNSTUCK: Get ideas and resources to move your invention ahead!
2) Exploring how to use electronics ,A.I and other technologies
  • Learn How you can use new technologies in creating and marketing your inventions! 
Steve Lyon and Jahn Stopperan will be sharing examples of:
  • Simple electronic devices that can add new performance features and competitive points of difference in existing categories
  • New ways to look at categories and opportunities by bringing electronics to your inventions
  • The “Invention Process”. Each month, they will share each step in the “Creation of a New Invention”: From Initial Idea, to Defining the Problem and the Market; Through Manufacturing, Sourcing, Patentablity and Preparation for Selling/Licensing. 
These are designed to help each inventor identify and prioritize their key obstacles and find resources to move their invention ahead. Come prepared:  
1) What is your biggest roadblock?  
2) What do you need to get to the Next Step?
As part of the meeting, we will break into Inventors Workshop Groups and work as teams to help each member develop new possibilities to overcome challenges and find resources to advance their invention.  We are committed to help each inventor leave with at least one Next Step to building their invention!
Kelly Cusick, fellow IN member and videographer who has been digitally recording, editing, compiling, and producing our monthly meetings for all members to reference or view outside the meeting itself, has offered to help inventors in the creation of abbreviated short videos for use in social media exposure to test the waters on their invention or idea.  NOT ONLY THAT, Kelly and Inventors Network will help get social media exposure with these videos in various ways if you desire. 
NO COST TO INVENTORS!  At our upcoming meeting, Kelly will share her vision so be thinking about whether you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity as an IN member!
BE SURE TO JOIN US Wednesday, February 21st
TIME: 6:00PM-8:00PM (Networking 5:30-6:00 and 8:00-8:30)
SPEAKERS: 6:00-7:00PM
WORKSHOPS: 7:00-8:00PM
WHERE: 1001 HWY 7, Eisenhower Community Center (Just West of HWY 169), Hopkins MN 55305
COST:  Guests ($15.00) / Members FREE 
Pay at Check-In with Cash/Check or Credit Card