May 19th, 2021 - 6PM:  
Samuel Prabhakar - How Inventors Can Validate Market Demand Faster and Cheaper
Learn WHAT you need to know to Invent Better and Smarter
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Learn WHAT you need to know to Invent Better and Smarter.  The speaker, Samuel Prabhakar, is a 20 Year Plus IBM serial innovator who now helps other inventors develop and market their product ideas. He will share how you can evaluate your “IDEA” before you even invest in it. And, also, share the smartest steps you can take in investing your time and money to further develop and market your invention. What to do, and What not to do.
HOW to Identify whether you have a Big Idea. And HOW to make it BIGGER
WHAT resources you need to move your idea from concept to market
HOW to overcome Roadblocks in developing and marketing you invention
FIVE KEY Steps that can make the difference between Success and Stagnation
WHAT to avoid so you increase your chances of success
Samuel will be sharing his experience working with other inventors, as well as the expertise he developed in his 20 Year Plus career with IBM turning ideas and inventions into successful businesses. 
Samuels’ IBM career successes includes inventing/creating:
Pacemaker Programs for medical devices
High performance, rugged hand-held computers for the US Military
Breakthrough Wearable Computers for both Military and Industrial applications,
High-Speed/Performance Processor Chips for the major players in Gaming Stations
Even software that eliminated the New York Stock Exchanges’ need for Ticker Tape
As a Consultant, Samuel has helped multiple inventors, like you. His passion is finding ways to help inventors transform their initial ideas into stronger, more marketable products, and focusing on ideas that offer the biggest potential success.  And then helping inventors find the resources and expertise they need to fully develop and market their invention. 
·      Inventors
·      New Product Innovators/Entrepreneurs
·      New Business Startups
Date:  May 19, 2021