SPEAKER #1:  Ron Johansson
COME AND LEARN:  How to EVALUATE Your Ideas BEFORE you spend money on Prototyping or Patenting.   Ron spent his career participating/leading product design/evaluation and leading engineering and product development teams at 3M.  Including New Product Development. Ron will present a “Flow Chart” of steps to Protect your Intellectual Property, while minimizing costs.
  1. Ways to improve/develop your invention/idea
  2. HOW to EVALUATE Your Idea BEFORE spending money
  3. CRITERIA to EVALUATE to move ahead or set your ideas aside and work on other ideas
  4. WHAT Actions to take before filing a Provisional Patent Application (PPA)
  5. WHAT Actions to take before applying for Utility patent application
SPEAKER #2:  Atul Patel
COME AND LEARN:   Atul Patel, a product manager and former engineer who has handled licensing of numerous external inventor ideas, will share his experience  on the best ways inventors can present and approach companies with their licensing invention ideas.
  1. HOW and WHY companies decide to license outside invention
  2. HOW to make your initial and follow up contacts work better to improve your chances
  3. HOW your idea will be evaluated and considered internally
  4. WHY your invention will need to support a much higher retail price than you think: The COST Realities of manufacturers.
  5. WHY even the best product ideas may never be produced through licensing
Ron has a Bachelors’ Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Minnesota. Recruited out of college by 3M, he spent 35-years in engineering in product engineering, engineering design/development, manufacturing engineering and new product development. He also participated in evaluating product licensing ideas submitted to 3M.
Ron is a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Minnesota, with over 30 issued US patents, and is on the board of directors of the Minnesota Inventors Hall of Fame. He has also been an active member of the Inventors’ Network for 13 years and past VP.
Atul’s career includes product engineering and marketing with General Motors, Daimler, Bosch Automotive, and Bosch Telex Aviation products.  He has also started his own product development and consulting company called Renavance LLC as an engineer turned inventor.
As Product Manager for Bosch's Communications Technology division, he is responsible for maintaining the product line, creating new features and innovations that airlines and pilots appreciate. In his former role at Bosch's Automotive Service Solutions division, Atul evaluated, recommended, launched and oversaw licensing projects.