June 21, 2017 Meeting

Come and Learn: Rolf Biernath, Highly-Experienced 3M New Product Development Engineer and Scientist will share How and Why inventors need to leverage LEAN innovation principles in building and validating initial prototypes. He will also share how to design innovations to increase real value to the customer.

Key Topics:

  •   HOW you can use LEAN in developing your innovations
  •   WHY LEAN Prototypes vs Actual Mechanical Prototypes
  •   HOW LEAN can help you find your most passionate customers
  •   HOW LEAN lowers cost and speeds innovation
  •   HOW LEAN Prototypes help you get user feedback

Speaker: Rolf Biernath has nearly 27 years 3M New Product Innovation, Engineering and Scientific experience.

Rolf’s cross-technology inventing expertise/experience include:

  •   Adhesives
  •   Optics
  •   Polymers
  •   Chemical Engineering
  •   Applied Physics
  •   Materials Science
  •   Electronics
  •   Interned of Things/IOT

Rolf holds a PHD from University California, Berkeley, and has developed 41 patented inventions across many technology platforms.

Patent Examples include:

  •   Silicone Rubber Replacement Material that was used in nearly every hard disk drive made after 1995 
  •   Outdoor Viewable TV Monitor Technology
  •   Polymers Electronic Circuit Boards that shuffle together like a card deck
  •   Continuous Micro-Fluidic plastic stampings that are used to test DNA and sort cells 
  •   Lawnmower Blades with safely replaceable cutting edges
  •   Invisible, Machine-Readable Coding System that helps self-driving cars accurately read road sign