August 16, 2016 Meeting

Come and Learn: Learn how ten years of patent reform In Washington DC has weakened patent protection for inventors and emboldened multinational infringers. Inventor activist Paul Morinville will share what he and other inventor activists have done to stop further damage to inventor patent rights, and what you can do to help bring back strong patent rights - for you and all inventors who create the majority of American jobs.  


  • What Congress and the Courts have done to weaken patent rights
  • Who is behind patent reform and why
  • How Inventor Activists like Paul Morinville stopped patent reforms and are strengthening patent rights
  • What inventors need to do to take our patents back
Speaker: Paul Morinville is an inventor with dozens of patents and pending applications. He is the Founder and CEO of OrgStructure, LLC, and an early stage enterprise middleware provider in Northwest Indiana.  In 2013, changes in patent law stopped investment in his company, so Paul started walking the halls of Congress in Washington D.C. educating over 350 offices about the damage caused by patent reform to companies like his and inventors. He founded US Inventor, a 501(c)4, which continues to work to end anti-inventor patent reforms and promotes strong patent rights for inventors.