May 16, 2018 Meeting

Come and Learn:  Louis Foreman, a highly noted Speaker, successful Inventor and Company Founder. Current CEO of Edison Nation, dedicated to helping independent inventors develop and market their ideas.

Louis will show YOU:

  1. WHY it’s EASY to Get Ideas
  2. WHY it’s DIFFICULT to Make Money on Ideas
  3. How to EVALUATE your IDEA
  4. ACTION STEPS that will Put You on the SUCCESS PATH
  5. FIVE QUESTIONS to Answer BEFORE You Start Spending Money
  6. HOW to ANSWER Those 5 Questions on EVERY INVENTION!
Speaker Background: Louis Foreman, CEO of Edison Nation and Founder/CEO of Enventys,  an integrated product design and engineering firm.

Louis also Developed/Produced the highly successful and Emmy award winning Everyday Edisons TV series.

And is coauthor of "The Independent Inventor's Handbook" a very successful resource book for all Inventors.

Louis graduated from The University of Illinois with a Bachelors of Science degree in Economics. Over the past 30 years Louis has created 9 successful start-ups and has been directly responsible for the creation of over 20 others.

A prolific inventor, he is the inventor of 10 registered US Patents, and his firm is responsible for the development and filing of well over 700 more.