April 17th, 2019 Meeting

COME AND LEARN: Inventor, Entrepreneur, and NPD consultant, Jahn Stopperan, will share his experience utilizing several international freelance networks that enable inventors to obtain professional services at a remarkably low cost. Jahn has utilized freelancers for electronic design, technical animated video creation, brochure/collateral design, tradeshow branding, website design, audio commercial spots, illustrations, retail packaging design, proofreading, 3-D mechanical design and other areas.
1. How to access and utilize several leading online freelancer sites
2. What to expect the freelancers to provide
3. How to write and post your project
4. How to negotiate the cost and what is included in the project

Jahn will provide hands-on examples and show you how you can utilize these online networks to greatly assist developing and introducing products on limited budgets.


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Jahn Stopperan is a senior technical consultant with 30 years of commercializing new products and services for a variety of small to mid-sized manufacturing companies seeking assistance in creating go-to-market success.

Mr. Stopperan operates DG Innovations of Lakeville, MN (www.dginnovationsllc.com), providing product development, product introduction and marketing services to small and mid-sized companies. He founded and oversees Heated Stone Products, the country’s largest provider of heating mats for stone countertops (www.feelswarm.com). He also founded and oversees TurboFlex Heaters, a manufacturer of prototype and small-volume flexible heaters for product designers (www.turboflexheaters.com).

In his career, he has personally invented, developed, and introduced dozens of new products in industrial, consumer, home comfort, sporting industry, HVAC, power transmission, toys/games, factory automation and medical device market areas.