September 20, 2016 Meeting

Come and Learn: Dick Fisher, Chief Social Officer at e-Merge Online Marketing, will share ways to use Social Media to create traction with customers, consumers and investors. How grow your business and find new customers using Social Media. And how to do it cost efficiently.  

Key Topics Include:

  • What Social Media IS / What It ISN'T
  • Why It's Important
  • Why You Need It
  • Understanding Basic Strategies
  • Using Social Media Advertising
  • Measuring Results 
  • And more ...

Additionally, the event will be hosted by the JJ Hill Center, a nationally renowned research center focused on entrepreneurship.  You will a have a chance to learn about the resources that the JJ Hill Center has to offer entrepreneurs and inventors like you.

Speaker: In just 6 years, Dick Fisher, has built e-Merge Online Marketing from business startup to a successful agency with 45 Social Media business clients across 8 states. Dick and e-Merge have done this by 1) Developing and managing high-success social media programs; 2) Showing clients why/how social media can drive business growth and 3) Helping clients convert social-media contacts and leads to customers.

Dick Fisher also brings more than 25 years corporate business and IT experience, with a proven track record of connecting people and technology together in an easy-to-understand manner to provide solutions and achieve results.