October 18, 2017 Meeting
How to license your idea with Senior Licensing Coach & Chief Negotiator for InventRight.

David began committing his ideas to paper when he was just six years old. “There’s some silly stuff in there, like an idea for a new style of rollercoaster, but there are actually some decent ideas in there as well!” he said, referring to his first inventors’ log, with a laugh. After graduating from college with a business degree, he felt unsure of what to do next. He endured three months at Chase Bank and flirted with insurance and real estate. Unable to find anything he “would be even close to happy doing,” he went soul-searching— and remembered how much he loved to invent as a child. He eventually discovered inventRight online.

His first year as a student, he admits, he didn’t get anywhere. “I wanted to do everything my way,” he explained. Once he actually started following the steps, he said, he licensed a kitchen gadget. He’s licensed two other ideas to date. And these days, he’s putting his stubbornness to better use: Once he began looking at getting into companies as a challenge, he became more and more determined—and therefore more creative—to overcome any obstacles in his way.

“As a coach, one of the things I love most is getting to work with the most passionate people on the planet,” David said. “These people will run through brick walls to get something done. Not always the right brick walls, but nonetheless. They keep going, even when it’s not easy. How can I not be driven when I work with people like that?”