In 2 sections of discussion, COME AND LEARN from Chris Guerrera:
WHAT He Learned from Biz Startups That YOU Need to KNOW!                                                            
Featuring insights about Chris' projects
  • Tidy Hook
  • Super Potty Trainer
  • And MORE
WHY You Need to VET Your Invention Like You Were Presenting on SHARK TANK!
  • Is Your Product Ready? 
  • Is Your Pitch Ready?
  • How Does It Stack UP to the Competition?
  • AND BEWARE:  The Marketplace is even TOUGHER than Shark Tank!
Wednesday, March 17th.  Come and meet Christopher “Chris” Guerrera. Chris is a prolific engineer from Automotive Design and Engineering, Aerospace Engineering as well as Custom Engineering.  He received a JD Powers Best In Class Quality Award from BMW North America for engineering design and manufacturing successes. 
His latest is the TidyHook Auto, partnering with Vernon Nolan with a National Rollout of the TidyHook Auto and Home products into Walmart. In addition, Chris has also rolled up his sleeves and successfully developed, manufactured, sold and marketed several other successful products.  From “idea sketch” to the retail shelf, he knows what every inventor must do, if they want to succeed. Plus, Chris has recently been added to the United Inventors Associations Board of Directors.