Posted on Aug 20, 2019
IN Board Member, Bob Albertson is featured in this Invented in MN Segment on WCCO
The segment highlights MN Inventing and the Minnovation Challenge by the Science Museum of MN. 

Bob Albertson's history of inventing success started as a teenager. Since then, Bob has built a long and successful history of inventing and perfecting product ideas, with more than 250 patents.

Beyond the sheer number, the range of his accomplishments stretches from Electric Fresh-Brew Coffee Makers, to String-Style Lawn Trimmers, to Electric Trolling Motors, to Shower Massage Spray Heads; and from Zero Degree Automotive Socket Wrenches and the Pressure Washer Nozzle, just to name a few.

These inventions have made millions of dollars for companies. Some of these inventions are components in other products and some are full blown consumer products as well. With major brands such as Mr Coffee, Weed Eater and the Water Pik and the Pulsating Shower Head.