July 18, 2018 Meeting and February 15, 2107 Meeting
Learn how to identify winning product concepts:
  • Deal or Dud? Learn to Spot the Next Big Product Idea
  • Licensing Agreement Fundamentals
  • Prototypes & Demo Videos That Sell Ideas “As Seen On TV”
  • Understanding Distribution Channels for Consumer Products

    Learn how to pitch your product idea: See Live  ASOTV Inventor Competition:

  • See 6-8 Inventors pitch their product idea
  • Each Inventor has 5 minutes to sell ASOTV Expert Carrie Jeske that their invention has ASOTV potential
  • Watch judges evaluate each product idea
  • See who WINS the pitch competition

Additionally, you will learn the Carrie Jeske / Will It Launch FREE Inventor Program:

  1. Get FREE Expert Panel Concept Assessment to Screen/Evaluate Concepts that Fit Will It Launch Model
  2. If Accepted, Get FREE Market Research to validate market potential
  3. If Selected/Approved, Will It Launch Pays ALL product development costs, that includes:
  • Product Design/Tooling/Packaging/Manufacturing
  • Product Marketing/Sell-In/Retail Distribution
Carrie and Will It Launch can do all this at lightning speed. 

Speaker: Carrie Jeske has been involved in new product invention, development and licensing for more than 15 years. She and her husband are serial inventors, with development/patenting/launching experience across multiple products. One of their most successful products, the SportsShade, was sold in major sporting goods stores including Cabala’s and Sports Authority.  And also LICENSED in rollouts for COCA COLA, BUDWEISER and COORS LITE.  Carrie is now focused on helping other solo inventors/entrepreneurs market their inventions through Will It Launch Licensing:

Carrie Jeske’s newest book, “Create New Products for As Seen On TV” is an excellent resource for inventors wanting to learn even more about marketing their products through licensing on As Seen On TV.  If you are interested, you can find it on Amazon.