September 19, 2018 Meeting

Come and Learn: Entrepreneur Andrew Kitzenberg has run 2 successful Kickstarter campaigns and 1 on Indiegogo. In this process, he has learned firsthand what works, what doesn’t, and what first-time fund raisers need to do to increase their chances of success.

  1. HOW to make your campaign look polished and what you need to promote.
  2. HOW to find potential supporters and what marketing strategies you need to convert them.
  3. HOW to create images/video content that gives visitors a clear and compelling idea of your product and campaign.
  4. WHAT you need for your PR strategy and your PR.
  5. HOW to keep your campaign churning from start to finish. Most campaigns raise 1/3 of the funds in the first week and 1/3 of their funds in the last week.
  6. WHAT you need to do to run a six-figure campaign.
  7. WHAT the next steps are once you’ve successfully funded your campaign.


  1. Andrew will also share What-You-Need-to-Know to do to get your product made overseas once you are funded.


Andrew founded OnHand in 2010 as a senior doing an entrepreneurship course project at Babson College in Boston, MA. He started the business with one product, a flash drive wristband. Since 2010 he has grown OnHand to be the #1 brand for tech accessories in the collegiate market. OnHand designs and manufactures products like charging cables, battery packs, adapters, and more, and sells to over 1000+ college bookstores in North America and across the world. Andrew has helped build almost all components of the business from sales and marketing to finance, and currently he works closely on product development and supply chain management. He has built out the overseas supply chain for the company traveling to Asia for the past 3 years. His work in Asia focuses on strengthening existing supplier relationships, quality control oversight and building out stronger sourcing capabilities for OnHand. He has done all this without speaking Chinese too.