December 20, 2017 Meeting

Come and Learn: Alan Beckley, highly successful inventor of the Wonder Wallet will share HIS Not-So-Overnight Success Story. Alan will talk about how he overcame the problems and challenges that all Inventors face in developing and monetizing product ideas.


  • Struggled to develop his idea while working as a telecom project manager
  • Dealt with rejection after rejection to license his idea
  • Pivoted to selling Savvy Caddy Wallets himself - anywhere and everywhere he could, at local/regional County fairs, Military bases, and VA hospitals. Eventually getting his product on QVC for 2 YEARS
  • Finally Licensed the Savvy Caddy Wallet to Allstar Products – a very successful licensing, marketing and ASOTV company
  • Renamed The Wonder Wallet, Alan’s product is now nationally distributed in over 10,000 retail stores, and also sold on HSN and online retail sites – With 1st Year sales of more than 1 Million Wallets!!

Plus, Alan will also share how he now helps other inventors to achieve success much more quickly than he did – with Blogs, Webinars, and Other Tools.

Speaker Bio: Alan Beckley is a proven successful first-time inventor. In 2002, he had a ‘brilliant idea’ for a thin, flexible wallet design he called Savvy Caddy. Deciding the idea had merit, he immediately found a patent attorney to file a utility patent – he didn’t know any better at the time. Continually rebuffed in his licensing efforts, he decided to manufacture the wallets and test market them. Buyers loved them and he sold them anywhere and everywhere he could, including fairs, military bases, VA hospitals, then QVC (he was on for two years). After 5 years of persistent pitching to the DRTV industry, he secured a licensing agreement with Allstar Products.