LEARN FROM EXPERTS: HOW to Write Product Pitches; HOW to Create/Produce Product Videos

Wednesday, January 16, 2019 - 6:00pm
Networking 5:30-6:00

SPEAKER:  Rick Busch

COME AND LEARN:  How to Create/Produce PRODUCT VIDEOS for Product Demos, Websites and Investor/Funding Pitches.  Get Professional/Expert Tips on how to make PROP/SHOOT with a SMARTPHONE.

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  1. HOW to Shoot Product Videos with a Smartphone
  2. WHAT/HOW to Script
  3. WHY/HOW to Edit
  4. WHAT about Music/Audio
  5. WHAT File Formats are Best


SPEAKER BACKGROUND: Rick Busch, Founder/President of BizStory, helps businesses, entrepreneurs and inventors create High-Impact Product/Company/Presentation videos that Show/Tell the audience what they need to know. The Compelling WHY/WHAT/HOW your Consumers, Buyers, Bankers and Investors need to buy or invest. Rick has nearly 30 years photo experience, with the past 10 years focusing on HD Video for companies, inventors and entrepreneurs. 

SPEAKER:  Patrick Donohue

COME AND LEARN:   Small Business Owners and Biz Startups struggle to Pitch Products to Customers and Investors.  Learn what you need to WRITE smarter Product Sales and Funding Pitches

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  1. WHY Small Businesses and Startups fail to get Funding
  2. HOW increase the odds of fundraising success
  3. WHAT Investors and Customers are Looking For
  4. HOW to Write Compelling Copy for Social Media and Investor Pitches


SPEAKER BACKGROUND: Patrick Donohue, a Managing Partner of Hill Capital Corporation, is a local investment fund investing in established small businesses. Patrick's background is in finance strategy helping Biz Owners and Startups gain superior access to Business Funding. Patrick has 20 years of capital markets experience including investing, corporate development, financial modeling, investment research publication and investment banking.

  • Mentors at the Carlson School Growth Fund at the University of Minnesota
  • Past Programming Chair (‘06-‘09) and board member for the CFA Society of Minnesota
  • Served as a board member, board observer and advisory board member for several private companies.
  • Graduated Creighton University with Finance Degree with Honors
  • Holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation


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