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Tuesday, December 15, 2015 - 5:30pm
(IN Members Discount: 100%)

Todd Wandersee will be the host for our December meeting.  He will be sharing proven pathways for bringing an idea or invention to the marketplace, but more importantly, he’ll be providing actual contacts, resources and tangible guidance for successfully navigating this challenging journey.

It’s one thing to have a set of guidelines for bringing an idea to fruition (a roadmap of sorts) it’s another to understand what routes to take and why.  Who should I contact?  Where can I find this…or research that?  I feel lost…How do I get on track?  Should I stay the course or change direction? 

Whether you’re looking to license or manufacture a product, this lively and interactive discussion will include:

  • Taking a moment to step back and evaluate what you’ve accomplished so far and determine the appropriate next steps to take.
  • Find out what roadblocks are in your way and how to navigate them properly
  • Clarify the single most important factor impacting an inventor’s success (or failure)…one which everyone must identify and focus on.
  • How your particular thoughts and actions can be your worst enemy
  • Best practices and candid advice on how to present and align yourself for success
  • New and specific avenues to be aware of and consider exploring

The landscape of business and opportunities is much different than it used to be for today’s inventor, so if you’re looking for help on plotting or redirecting your specific course, join us for an evening of thought provoking strategies, facts and interactive guidance for your invention road trip.

Plus…it’s our December celebration! Door prizes and treats will be part of the festivities and we guarantee you’ll walk away with new contacts, redefined directions and a new sense of motivation for moving forward in 2016!

Speaker Bio: Todd Wandersee

A family man and fellow inventor, Todd began his product development journey all the way back in the mid ’80’s with Shorttakes, Inc. A start-up which brought a patented-technology video booth to both national and international marketplaces, striking deals with such clients as Disney and McDonalds. Following that were other consumer and industrial products including NuLook Leather cleaner/conditioner, Raster Braille, HangerPals (and a few not-so-successful ones too). A genuine passion for teaching and coaching, he has enjoyed spearheading the Inventrepreneur Course, working directly with individual inventors and is a past President of Inventors’ Network.

Keynote will be followed by our round table session where people can network with industry experts on subjects such as:

  1.  Free Patent Advice
  2.  License v. Manufacture
  3.  Industrial Design & Engineering
  4.  3D Printing & other prototyping techniques
  5.  Marketing, Sales and Distribution