Wednesday, November 14, 2018 - 6:00pm
Networking 5:30-6:00
Cost: FREE
(IN Members Discount: 100%)

Meeting Agenda: Josh Malone, inventor of the enormously successful Bunch O Balloons, will share his amazing story of successes and obstacles on his journey to invention success. Having now sold over a billion balloons, Josh has achieved tremendous success. But to get there he had to overcome many roadblocks. – including the United State Patent Office.  Tonight he will share how he got there - the true process of fund raising, product development, licensing, and marketing a new product today. He will also share the hard realities of getting and defending a patent. Josh will share:

  1. Creating and Developing His Invention
  2. Running an Extraordinary Kick-Starter Campaign – Raising More than ONE MILLION DOLLARS
  3. Solving Production Hurdles
  4. Confronting Competitor Knock-Offs of His Product – Leading to Expensive Legal Battles
  5. AND Overcoming the Ultimate Challenges of Defending His Invention with the United States Patent Office PATENT TRIAL APPEAL BOARD (PTAB)

This is a MUST hear story.  Josh’s true story is a reality check for inventors and product developers.  His story is not his alone but provides us invaluable insight to the challenges of property rights protection in today’s world.  Attend and become informed!

FREE EVENT: Doors to the auditorium will open at 6:00 PM. Josh will briefly give us the necessary background we need, and then at

  • 6:30 PM: Private showing of the film INVALIDATED, that Josh helped produce, about the legal obstacles of defending patents through PTAB.  You will be inspired, and perhaps alarmed, at the message of this high-quality film. 
  • 7:30PM: Panel Discussion. Following the screening, we will have a panel discussion with  opportunities for you to ask Josh questions, as well

Thanks to the US Inventor Organization for paying the Auditorium costs, we are able to make this meeting FREE TO ALL! Bring friends, family, and anyone you know who wants to hear a real-life story of invention success.

Speaker Bio: Josh Malone quit his corporate job in 2006 to take his shot at the American (Inventor’s) Dream. Eight years later, savings depleted and orthodontics and college unfunded, he took one last swing before trudging back to the corporate world. And hit the homerun with Bunch O Balloons. His solution to the 63 year old problem of filling and tying water balloons instantly became the number one selling spring/summer toy. It was just as quickly knocked off resulting in a patent litigation now totaling 6 patents, 5 patent suits, 5 PTAB petitions/trials, 4 preliminary injunctions, and 8 appeals at the Federal Circuit. He is currently a Fellow with US Inventor working to restore the patent system.

Who should attend:

  • Product Inventors
  • New Product Innovators/Entrepreneurs
  • New Business Start-ups
  • Patent Lawyers
  • Future Young Inventors