Submit Your Idea for Consideration!

A select handful of applicants will be given the opportunity on September 18th to present their new product idea on the auditorium stage to Marc Portney and his team. If they see an idea that they like, they may license it (much like Lambert and Lambert) and produce the product themselves or will give presenters valuable feedback to help improve the product.  Additionally, Marc will open with a session for all attendees on how to have a conversation with deal makers about your idea. 

Marc has a reputation for delivering new and innovative products to the Home Shopping Network (HSN) and All-American Makers on The Science Channel. Getting a product on a national market such as HSN is a dream for most entrepreneurs, so this is your opportunity to expose your product to millions of customers looking to buy.

Marc Portney is interested in physical products and goods that are consumer oriented. (Please do not submit ideas for hand-help apps or non-physical concepts).

Click here to submit your idea for consideration by September 1st.

Marc will review all applications and will reply to candidates by September 5th or sooner. 

When: Sept 18th, 6:00-8:30PM 
Where: 1001 HWY 7, Eisenhower Community Center (Just West of HWY 169), Hopkins MN 55305
Cost: Members FREE. Visitors $15.