The Entrepreneur Kick-off is where Founders and Startup Teams, Hosts and Sponsors,
meet, in one place, to celebrate the Minnesota Entrepreneur Ecosystem and make one-on-
one connections that can be critically helpful to founders and their teams when navigating a startup’s pathway to success. MAY 14 at the Northstar Boy Scout Base Camp
Call For Speakers..............
Are You an R&D, Design or Product Development Engineer Working for a Finished Medical Device Manufacturer? MDM is looking for speakers for their upcoming event. Proposals due by Friday MAY 10
Next IN Meeting- May 15th, Trevor Lambert
  • WHAT Licensors are looking for in product ideas
  • HOW Licensors evaluate your product idea
  • HOW companies can help you succeed
  • WHAT you can do to develop product ideas that increase your chances of success
Inventor Update by Marj Weir, Board member of IN
Are you interested in providing comments on the participation of women, minorities, and veterans in entrepreneurship activities and the patent system? The USPTO is preparing a study on this subject, as required by the 2018 Study of Underrepresented Classes Chasing Engineering and Science (SUCCESS) Act. 
I will be speaking in Detroit on May 16th, so if you have comments you would like to add, please do so through their site or contact me to speak on your behalf.