Inventing for Today’s Marketplace
Today’s consumers and retailers are looking for added technology features that make products Easier-to-Use and Stand Out on the Shelf
Join Us in 2024 to Learn HOW to do it. Learn WHEN to do it. Learn the SKILLS You Need with HANDS-ON WORKSHOPS 
FOR You as an Inventor the 2024 Focus will be to SHOW YOU:
  1. HOW to LEVERAGE ELECTRONICS to Invent a Competitive Advantage
  2. HOW to ANALYZE your invention versus the Competitors and the Marketplace / HOW Strong is Your Advantage?
  3. HOW to IDENTIFY a Problem that is New/Better than Competitors
  4. HOW to MAKE simple Phase 1 Prototypes to Prove Your Concept
  5. HOW to PATENT and TRADEMARK your invention
  6. WAYS to take your Invention to Market
Steve Lyon, Club President and experienced product inventor, will open the year presenting the 2024 theme and WHAT INVENTORS NETWORK CAN DO TO HELP YOU INVENT YOUR PRODUCT IDEA (for Today's consumer and marketplace)
  • ACCEPT the challenge, to pursue a problem you have identified on a simultaneous/parallel path as the IN group project
  • BE THERE FOR THE JOURNEY- We will offer theme related programing and networking each month
  • REALIZE what makes an invention 
  • GO BEYOND- “Making” a product as the INVENTOR NETWORK TEAM will collaborate on the inventing process
Jahn Stopperan, Club Board Member and experienced electronics product developer will SHOW YOU THE BASICS of BUILDING ELECTRONIC CONTROLLERS  (PART 1)

The Basics of Designing and Building a Simple Electronic Controller:
  • WHAT Parts and Tools You Need
  • HOW to Design/Wire and Connect
  • WHERE to Find/Source Quality Parts
See Live Demonstrations and Examples of Electronic Controllers used in both In-Market and Prototype Inventions
  • HOW to Build Demonstration Product Prototypes that are “Just Detailed Enough” to DEMONSTRATE that your product will work
  • WHY you don’t want to over-engineer your prototypes.


TIME: 6:00PM-8:00PM (Networking 5:30-6:00 and 8:00-8:30)

WHERE: 1001 HWY 7, Eisenhower Community Center (Just West of HWY 169), Hopkins MN 55305

COST:  Guests ($15.00) / Members FREE 

Pay at Check-In with Cash/Check or Credit Card

  • FEB 21st:  Building Your First Prototype Electronic Controller – Part 2
  • MAR 20th:  Adding Software to your Inventions (The Internet of Things) 
  • APR 17th:   How You Can Patent an Electronic Devices