Getting the Most Out of Inventors Network and What We Can All Do to Make IN Better.

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Inventors Network is rich with resources and insight from fellow members that can help you develop your invention. They can be found through this website and at our monthly meetings and the list below provides a guide. They are all stations along the way as you make your journey to invention success. 

1.  Speakers -  Over the course of year you will find speakers that are experts in their field and topics that touch on all major aspects of the invention journey.  Many speakers will make themselves available for questions immediately as well as continually after the meeting.  Information on past and future speakers can be found on this website and if you would like to suggest future speakers or topics, please do that in the forum area below.

2.  Round-tables - After each meeting we set up round tables that are led by board members in these areas;  Marketing, Prototyping, Manufacturing and Engineering,  Patent Law,  Monetizing Your Product / Licensing,  and "Next Steps" in your invention journey.  Come join the conversation.

3.   Library-  We have an awesome library of top books on both invention and small business by lead authors and any member of IN is eligible to check out and return books and consider donating one of your books to the library. 

4.   Resource Links-  On this site you will find links to other sites with information applicable to the invention journey.  Please visit them, and if we are missing any, we would appreciate you providing those additional links below.

5.   Fellow Members-  We have a wide ranging level of expertise in our member base.  We would like to make it easy for each of us to be in touch with others at and outside of each meeting.  Please make yourself available to “Network" with other members by updating your contact information in the member roster area of the website. 

6.   Outside Events and Groups-  There are several other groups and events throughout the cities that our members have found helpful.  Our hope is to have this information posted and updated continually on this site.  If you know of something we should include please provide that information in the forum area below.


Also if you have not already, please join our “Meetup” group. Inventors Network becomes better because of you and other members working together to provide fellow inventors advise and to build even better resources.  Please let us know through your comments and suggestions below what resources you have found helpful and why along with anything else we can do or add to make our group better.