THREE New/Evolving Technologies WILL CHANGE How You Invent!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018 - 6:00pm
Networking 5:30-6:00 and 8:00-8:30

THREE New/Evolving Technologies WILL CHANGE How You Invent!

Come and Learn: Gary Braley, noted Speaker and Technology-Trend expert will present how New Evolving and Breakthrough Technologies/Trends will shape Invention opportunities for you.

1. NEW Money Exchange Systems Will REVOLUTIONIZE How Inventors SELL Their Products:

  • New approaches will affect everyone from individuals to businesses and banks

  • The evolution includes new ways to exchange money as well as new types of currency

2. NEW Internet of Things Connectivity Will Drive NEW TECHNOLOGY Applications FOR INVENTORS:

  • New Connectivity technologies will finally connect electronic devices/products across categories and platforms

  • Cybersecurity will become more critical due to the plethora of gadgets and the lack of security talent and awareness


  • A worldwide network of rapid and secure ledger transaction recording will do much more than manage Bitcoin

  • Entire business models could be upended as major companies enter the fray


Speaker Background: Gary Braley started his technology career with Honeywell Aerospace and Healthcare Information Systems divisions. Gary’s career progression included work on the Apollo Space Program guidance systems and with the National Institute of Health. As a Consultant, Gary’s work expanded to include the U.S. Air Force, NASA and Healthcare systems across the country as a developer and project manager for hospital information systems.

In addition, Gary has spoken at hundreds of conferences across the country and abroad on Technology change and innovation. Gary also published numerous articles in professional magazines and journals.

Who should attend:

  • Product Inventors

  • New Product Innovators/Entrepreneurs

  • New Business Startups

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