Wednesday, April 18, 2018 - 6:00pm
Networking 5:30-6:00 and 8:00-8:30
Cost: $15 Admission
(IN Members Discount: 100%)

Come and Learn: Learn about patenting your invention.  Learn about FREE local workshops and resources that provide patent expertise, information and database access that EVERY Inventor needs.  LEARN ABOUT:

  • LEARN How you can Do Initial Online Patent Searches
  • LEARN How to Use FREE MCL Patent/Trademark Data Bases
  • LEARN About FREE Patent/Trademark Workshops Available at MCL
  • LEARN How LegalCorps Helps Inventors
  • LEARN About Free LegalCorps Legal Advice
  • LEARN About Free LegalCorps Partners with MCL to Offer FREE Workshops
  • LEARN How LegalCorps Can also Assign Patent Attorneys on a Means Qualified Basis

Walt Johnson has worked at the Minneapolis Central Library for more than 20 years. He served as a USPTO Patent & Trademark Fellowship Librarian from 2002-2004, and manages the USPTO-designated Patent & Trademark Resource Center (PTRC) at MCL. Walt has held various positions within the Patent & Trademark Resource Center Association.

Louis Enriquez-Sarano, LegalCORPS Inventor Assistance Program Director. Lois works to help in developing legal clinic and program for partner organizations.  Building/expanding LegalCorps mission of helping inventors, entrepreneurs and small business that need legal advice and assistance.

Who should attend:
  • Product Inventors
  • New Product Innovators/Entrepreneurs
  • New Business Startups