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Getting the Most Out of Inventors Network and What We Can All Do to Make IN Better.

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Inventors Network is rich with resources and insight from fellow members that can help you develop your invention. They can be found through this website and at our monthly meetings and the list below provides a guide. They are all stations along the way as you make your journey to invention success. 

Inventors Network President calls for the Patent System to Fulfill it's Constitutional Promise to Inventors

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IP laws have been very good to the Copyright/Trademark area, but not so much for Patent law.  Artists and Inventors are both cited in the Constitution (Article 1, Section 8, Clause 8), but equal treatment between the two has not been ushered.  Copyright's are protected 70 plus years vs 20 for inventions and can be enforced with substantial copyright specific criminal penalties (nothing like that for inventions).

Inventors Network Represented at Invention-Con 2017 and Patent Reform Rally

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Realizing the current state of patent law and the adverse effects our members and associates are experiencing, the Inventors Network board decided to send a club representative to Washington DC this past weekend to attend a USPTO event for inventors and participate in the US Inventor patent rally held in front of Patent and Trademark office.